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2017-18 Season
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2017 / 2018 Season

15 Sep, 2017 The glory of the modern orchestra

In his early teens, JOHN COTTRELL found military band music was his favourite and out of this came a love and admiration of the modern orchestra that endures to this day. He plans to illustrate this with a selection of recordings that feature examples of this long-time obsession and which will try and capture the orchestra in various contrasting sizes and moods.

29 Sep, 2017 A tribute to Jiří Bělohlávek

JIRINA (Georgette) MILLER plans to celebrate the life and musicianship of the Czech conductor Jiří Bělohlávek, who died in May this year at the age of 71. Her tribute will cover a range of composers and orchestras from Scandinavia, Russia, Italy and America.

13 Oct, 2017 Beethoven - music out of the limelight

CHRIS COAKES will present a selection of Beethoven’s compositions that he perceives to be ‘on the back burner’ at the moment, but deserving of more attention.

27 Oct, 2017 The charm and the challenge of the cello

The cello is an instrument loved and revered by so many composers and players. Its vast range of pitch and tone quality is such that its versatility seems to have no bounds. With such an enormous repertoire to choose from JILL MEAGER is spoilt for choice, but she hopes to convey her love for the instrument and its music with a very varied programme.

10 Nov, 2017 Forgotten Gems of La Belle Époque

In this fascinating programme, SRMS President MICHAEL JAMESON introduces listeners to an effervescent potpourri of musical delights from the Parisian Belle Époque, a period of unrivalled cultural and artistic innovation and optimism, tragically curtailed by the Great War. Many largely forgotten works, by composers as diverse as Chabrier, Massenet, Pierné, Auber, Lecocq, Reynaldo Hahn and others are juxtaposed with a number of less familiar masterpieces by Franck, Saint-Saëns, and Dukas, in this musical tribute to the City of Light’s golden era. An extra charge of £1 is payable for this meeting.

24 Nov, 2017 Nations Revisited

Many countries of the world give their names to musical compositions, either formally or as an acquired familiar name - Italian this, Spanish that and so on. For his presentation last year, NORMAN AMEY travelled world-wide in search of music with such national titles. In doing so, he acquired sufficient air miles to repeat the adventure and provide a similar programme this evening. There will be the well-known and possibly the unknown - and some jazz.

Note that there is a 3 week gap before the next meeting

15 Dec, 2017 Christmas social evening

As usual, this social event follows the pattern of an ‘American Supper’ (i.e. everyone brings a contribution to the food and drink). The first half of the evening will be devoted to an entertaining Musical Quiz compiled by our previous Chairman, Roy Gage (now Chairman Emeritus). It always brings the year to a very enjoyable conclusion.

Note that there is a 4 week gap before the next meeting

12 Jan, 2018 Back to Bach - The story of his rediscovery in the 19th century

A couple of seasons ago, SRMS Treasurer DAVID PEARCE revealed the history of the publisher CF Peters. Their creator, the composer Hoffmeister, was also instrumental in rediscovering the works of JS Bach, a composer whose works had been all but forgotten by 1800. Tonight, David will tell this story, together with the music of some other composers involved, such as Mendelssohn, Louis Spohr and Rossini, leading to the person who some called the second Bach – Max Reger.

26 Jan, 2018 Meanderings reattempted

SRMS Secretary ANN MATTHEWS has once again deliberately chosen a programme title that allows her a random choice of music and the freedom to explore a variety of musical paths. She hopes to surprise herself as well as the members during this journey. Ann aims to provide a mixture of the unusual and the familiar.

(This talk was originally scheduled for last year, but had to be postponed)

 9 Feb, 2018 The American symphony

SRMS Vice-President TERRY BARFOOT is a well-known music writer and lecturer in the south of England. He is also Publications Consultant to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. His subject tonight is the American symphony, which will cover a wide range of composers, from John Knowles Paine to Philip Glass. An extra charge of £1 is payable for this meeting.

23 Feb, 2018 Private passions

Tonight, SRMS Vice Chairman CHRIS TOPLEY will play some of the music that has interested him over the years and which he hopes will also be of interest to others. A particular feature of this talk is that Chris intends to pay special attention to music that is funny ha-ha or funny peculiar. That sounds like a lot of fun.

 9 Mar, 2018 Trying to get the notes right

Tonight, we welcome guest speaker PETER AVIS at his first visit to our society. His talk will tell of the trials and tribulations of writing the notes for concert programmes and CD booklets, a task that can often be fraught with unexpected difficulties. During the past 30 years or so Peter has written notes for over 350 CDs and for concert halls all over the British Isles and, most recently, for the Dubai Opera House.

23 Mar, 2018 Y Viva Espana ... oh, the heady days of 1974

After his successful first SRMS presentation last year, JOHN WARREN returns with a talk on sunny Spain. From Spanish composers, Italian composers living in Spain and Spanish refugees to a non-Spaniard copying Spanish music, and from the renaissance to the 20th century, it’s all here. Negotiations are underway to arrange for Sylvia to attend and perform her 1974 hit, expenses allowing.

This talk has been brought forward from 22 June. The original talk planned for this evening has had to be cancelled for personal reasons

Note that there is a 3 week gap before the next meeting

13 Apr, 2018 From 1685 onwards...

JS Bach, Handel and Domenico Scarlatti were all born in 1685 and they provide the starting point for an affectionate and occasionally anecdotal journey through the musical memories of new member DIANA TIZZARD. Having spent 50 years teaching the piano, 30 years helping to run the Southampton Festival of Music and Drama and 25 years as a page turner at the Turner Sims concert hall, Diana is no stranger to the musical world. Not surprisingly, her talk tonight will focus mainly on the piano.

27 Apr, 2018 High definition - CANCELLED

Due to an unforeseen clash with another classical music event in Southampton, this talk has been postponed to the autumn. NO MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE TONIGHT!

11 May, 2018 Less-celebrated British composers

This evening, JOHN FAWCETT intends to explore some less well known works by less well known British composers. Bax, Moeran and Tippett are among those to be featured. Needless to say, for those of us who know John, Delius is also highly likely to make an appearance.

25 May, 2018 Recorded rarities

Prof PETER MORICE has been reflecting on the fact that we are the beneficiaries of a millennium of musical composition, but even the most active concert-goers will never be able to hear live performances of more than a fraction of what exists. Fortunately, we live in a period when technology has made even ‘once only’ recorded performances available to everyone. Tonight, Peter plans to investigate some British concertos that rarely feature in concert programmes.

 8 Jun, 2018 Topley’s magic piano

SRMS Vice-Chairman CHRIS TOPLEY returns to present his second programme of this season. His subject tonight is the development of the piano concerto, ranging from the keyboard concertos of Bach to the piano concertos of Shostakovich. Along the way will be Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninov and others depending on the time available.

22 Jun, 2018 Hither and thither

CHRIS COAKES has kindly agreed to present a choice of some of his favourite music to plug the gap caused when the talk originally listed in the SRMS programme brochure for this date was brought forward to 23 March to replace a cancelled presentation. Chris aims to feature a mixture of both well-known and lesser-known works.

 6 Jul, 2018 Members' choice

During this meeting, people will be chosen at random to present their own choice of music. All SRMS members are therefore invited to bring along a selection of their favourite recordings. The items to be played should last no more than 15 minutes and a short introduction would be appreciated.

This replaces the planned talk by Albert-Lauritz Rasmussen, who is unwell.

20 Jul, 2018 Annual General Meeting

All members are asked to make their best efforts to attend the Annual General Meeting. Important decisions are made and votes taken which can fundamentally affect the future operation of the Society.

With the exception of Peter Avis, Terry Barfoot and Michael Jameson, all presenters are current members of Southampton Recorded Music Society

           NOTE:   Occasionally it is necessary to alter or cancel programmes at short notice. Always check this website before travelling.

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